Sciatica is nerve pain that runs down the back of the leg, caused by an irritation of the sciatic nerve. Common symptoms are often pain in the lower back and buttocks as well as pain, weakness or numbness of various parts on the foot or leg.

Relieving Sciatica

Be careful when bending. Repetitive bending forward can aggravate underlying disc problems. Keep your back straight and bend forward to take strain off spine.

Lying on your back place a heat pad or water bottle under your lower back. Be careful it’s not too hot, maybe use a thin towel to wrap around it. This reduces inflammation and pain.

Sitting in a chair place an ice pack on your lower back. Be careful it’s not too cold. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

Stand up straight. Ensure your head doesn’t drop forwards. Knees should be relaxed. Slight tuck your bottom under and your tummy in. Keep your shoulders relaxed and back and place your hands by your side.

Try lying on your side if sleeping is uncomfortable. If you have leg or back pain you will usually find it most comfortable to lie on the opposite side to the pain. Place pillow between your knees. Do not sleep on the floor.

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