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When the body is not able to recover between sessions and performance is reduced, sports massage (and other treatments, such as paraffin wax etc.) can be most beneficial. Between & after sessions/exercise, muscles can become painful, joint/tendon pain can occur & inflammation arises. This then causes the area to become vulnerable and highly susceptible to injury, trauma & repetitive strain complications.

Sports massage (sole alone or coupled with other treatments, we offer) targets areas that hold tension, become injured or affected by repetitive movement/positions. It can be superficial to a very deep pressure massage. This may be painful, but allows for the removal of lactic acid/toxins within the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments), loosens & lengthens tight tissue. This then further protects the body from injury &/or soft tissue dysfunction. This then provides a quicker recovery from pain/injuries/tissue dysfunction etc.

Getting regular sports massages will help in reducing injury by breaking up lactic acid in muscle tissue that causes stress &/or tension, preventing repetitive &/or overuse injuries. Keeping the soft tissue loose, free from toxins/adhesions & in top shape will increase flexibility, not only in the muscles but also in tendons and ligaments, further reducing dysfunction & injury. Range of motion is increased over time as muscles are worked, making it easier to maintain good form/definition during workout sessions.

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